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Who we are?

Pradeep Sangwan

Pradeep Kumar

Founder / Trainer

Hi, I am a mechanical engineer along with an Autodesk Certified User and I have experience with the Design Industry, Manufacturing sector as well as Training Industries. I’m passionate about making YouTube Videos & Blog on Design Software’s. I’m really excited about creating a way through which I can help those students who don’t have enough money to pay Design Courses Fee so here they can easily learn design software without paying fees.

Seema Kumari

Founder / Chef

Hi, My name is Seema Sangwan. I Love to cook 🙂 I can make a lot Food Recipes. I have my YouTube Channel “Seema Sangwan Kitchen” where I started uploading lots of food recipes and also on our website too. I hope you enjoy our recipe blogs and videos. Nice to meet all of you!

Seema Sangwan


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