1. Robert Downey Jr. was born 4 April 1965 on the island of Manhattan (New York).

2. Robert Downey Jr. is American Actor and comes from Filmmaker Family.

3. Downey Jr.  father Robert Downey Sr. is an actor, writer, producer, cinematographer & director.

4. Downey Jr. 1st movie experience was 'Pound' when he was only 5.

5. His Iron Man Movie was a hit and lead the biggest movie franchise.

6. Roberts Jr. was kicked out of the Happiest Place on Earth Disney Legends.

7. Robert Downey Jr. almost played another billionaire playboy.

8. Downey Jr. was the 1st member who receive Oscar nomination for ‘Best Actor’ for (for ‘Chaplin’).

9. Robert Downey Jr. is the owner of the iconic East Hampton windmill cottage was built in 1885.

10. Robert Downey Jr got his big break at 20 when he joined the acclaimed “Saturday Night Live” comedy team.