Lil Tay became an internet sensation at just 9 years old. 

Lil Tay earned the title of the "Youngest Flexor" for her extravagant lifestyle and flashy demeanor.

Lil Tay's mother was a real estate agent, sparking rumors that her flashy videos might have featured homes from her mother's listings. 

Lil Tay's brother, Jason Tian, played a significant role in her online presence, filming and editing many of her videos. 

Lil Tay controversial content led to temporary bans on Instagram and YouTube due to concerns about her well-being .

Lil Tay's manager was Christopher Hope, a Vancouver-based influencer marketing guru. 

In 2018, Lil Tay disappeared from the internet amid allegations of exploitation and concerns for her welfare.

Lil Tay attempted a comeback in 2020, but the effort was marred by claims of social media account hacking and a lack of authenticity.

Lil Tay's father was embroiled in a legal battle for custody, with her mother losing custody due to concerns about Lil Tay's well-being and online presence.

Lil Tay has aimed to rebrand herself, focusing on personal growth, education, and inspiring young people.

Lil Tay has shown interest in charitable work, raising funds for causes like disaster relief and animal welfare. 

Lil Tay is known to have artistic talents, including drawing and painting. 

Lil Tay was using her past experiences to advocate for responsible internet use. 

Lil Tay has reportedly been mending relationships with her family, focusing on a healthier and more positive future.