Ryan Gosling is a talented actor and a great singer with his own band name Dead Man’s Bones.

Ryan Gosling had an early start in the entertainment industry. 

Ryan Gosling trained as a ballet dancer during his childhood. 

Ryan Gosling had several television appearances as a young actor, including roles in popular shows like "Breaker High" and "Young Hercules."

Ryan Gosling speaks multiple languages, including English, French, and a bit of Spanish. 

Ryan Gosling has expressed his interest in writing and directing films. 

Ryan Gosling has been a part of music bands like First Man and The Lonely Island. 

Ryan Gosling is a passionate advocate for animal rights 

Ryan Gosling is an avid motorcycle rider. 

Ryan Gosling was a part of the "Mickey Mouse Club" alongside other notable celebrities. 

Ryan Gosling is also skilled in painting. 

Ryan Gosling has been involved in various charitable endeavours.