Before pursuing acting, Tom Holland trained as a dancer. 

Tom Holland  has a strong athletic background and excels in various sports, including gymnastics, soccer, and surfing. 

Tom Holland made his West End debut in the musical "Billy Elliot". 

Tom Holland performs many of his own stunts, because of his Gymnastics. 

Tom  Holland's audition tape for the role of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe went viral. 

Tom  Holland has a fascination with science and enjoys exploring topics like astronomy and physics. 

Tom Holland plays the guitar and has showcased his musical skills. 

Tom Holland is an avid painter and often shares his artwork on social media.  

Tom Holland actively participates in philanthropic endeavours. 

Tom Holland supports organisations like the Brothers Trust, which he co-founded with his brothers to aid charitable causes.

Tom  Holland has a pet dog named Tessa. 

Tom  Holland remains grounded and often displays humility in interviews and public appearances.