Wander Franco's passion for baseball was ignited at an early age. 

Wander Franco playing with makeshift equipment on the streets of the Dominican Republic. 

Wander Franco's three uncles also played in the MLB. 

Wander Franco Franco is not just fluent in English and Spanish; he also understands Creole.

Wander Franco became the youngest player to win the MVP award at just 18 years old. 

Wander Franco can hit equally well from both sides of the plate. 

Wander Franco has spent his entire professional career with the Tampa Bay Rays. 

Wander Franco's love for gaming is well-known, often bonding with teammates over video games during downtime.

Wander Franco is actively involved in various charity initiatives. 

Wander Franco  jersey number, 5, is a tribute to his favourite player and fellow Dominican, Albert Pujols, showcasing his admiration for baseball legends.

Wander Franco's ability to learn quickly and adapt to changing situations on the field has earned him praise from coaches and players.